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The secret to being a great DJ is preparation.  We prepare for success, pay attention to the details and practice flawless execution.  This section is dedicated to showcasing the end result.  These sample DJ wedding introductions are recordings of live performances. Energy level and music selection are always your choice.

I’m hoping you not only love what you hear, but will find some inspiration for your wedding here too. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to ask other DJs you’re considering to hear sample DJ wedding introductions they’ve done as well.

Listen to Sample DJ Wedding Introductions

Sarah and Adam wanted their grand entrance to be high energy and fun.  Adam is really into soccer, so they chose DJ Otzi – Hey Baby to come in to.  You should pick something that has your personality.  The bride n’ groom should always have their own song (imho).

      Sarah & Adam's Grand Entrance

I’ve seen DJs stop the dance floor and waste 20 minutes on the bouqet/garter toss.  One option is to trade in the traditional “bride in the chair” deal and give it some energy.  I never clear the dance floor so people are still dancing.  We just have the girls move to one end.  ONE-TWO-THREE THROW!!! …and the dance floor keeps going!  So Fun!

      Erica & Zac's High Energy Bouquet Toss

At Chris n’ Jenn’s wedding we shared the Bread n’ Salt Blessing.  A very special moment for their parents.  This is a great example of how we can mix a little elegant, sweet moment in with crazy fun at weddings.

      Chris & Jenn's Bread n' Salt Blessing

Custom Wedding First Dance Edits

I’m big on music edits.  I always say “we control the music to make it do exactly what we want at the precise moment we need it to happen”.  So we don’t just hope the timing works out.  We plan and produce the results we want to achieve.  Here are some sample edits I hope you will enjoy.

“Message in A Love Song” edits are very sweet.  I have each of you write a short message to each other.  What does today mean to you?  Don’t share it with each other (can you keep a secret).  We then get together and record.  Everything is edited together perfectly.  The result is a special moment shared between the two of you during your first dance.

      Sarah & Matt's First Dance Custom Edit

Amy & Regina picked these songs for their first dance and I mixed them together.  They hired a choreographer to create and teach them a dance routine to go with it.  Their guests went nuts!  Very fun moment. (I wish I had video).

      Amy & Regina's Evolution Dance Mix

Most “modern” music today can be around 4 or 5 minutes long.  That may feel like a long time to be in the spotlight alone.  Rather than fade out in the middle, we create a custom edit.  The song will start and end the way it should.  It will just be shorter.  We edit out extra repeated choruses, long instrumental solos and maybe a verse if we have to.  Daughters was edited for a father – daughter dance.  This is almost a minute and a half sorter than the original.  Listen to the end result.

      John Mayer - Daughters (Father-Daughter Short Edit)

Jim's Latest Mixcloud Mix

When listening to Mixcloud Mixes, remember that music is mixed live at your wedding.  We select music keeping your requests, your do-not plays, your guests requests and popular trends in mind.

Though these songs could be used together, actual song sets played at your wedding will no doubt be unique based on your personality and music preferences.

Enjoy these fun audio tracks!

More Fun Mix Sets

These will give you a feel for how the dance floor keeps moving.  No big gaps or awkward silence.  The celebration never stops!!!

Requests are always welcome.  The fun part is to take a request and not just randomly play it, but fit it into the mix.  A song should either start a set, elevate a set or increase the energy level.  The dance floor has a pulse and needs to keep beating!

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