People Will Talk – 21 Stolen Romantic Wedding Moments

When you take the time for Romance at your wedding, people will talk. What they will say is: “They look so much in love.”  Don’t forget to slow down, be in the moment and enjoy your wedding day experience.

On your wedding day, your guests will all want to congratulate you, wish you well and share in your joy. The day will go by very fast because so much is going on, and you have so many people to talk to. A few special “stolen moments” shared between the two of you will be a great gift. Here are some ways to create a little extra romance during your wedding celebration.

  1. Take a romantic carriage or limo ride. One of my couples took pictures at the ceremony site an hour before it started. As soon as the ceremony was over, they jumped in the limo. A few pictures were taken. Then they through the photographer out and took a 25 minute limo ride, just to be alone and enjoy their first moments as husband and wife. Bravo!
  2. Have dinner together. Seems obvious. If you mingle during dinner, you won’t get to eat. Consider taking a moment to stop and dine together. Talk about the ceremony and share in the emotion.
  3. Steal a long slow kiss (before the glasses clink).
  4. Add a romantic message to your first dance. Personal recordings are a great way to share what today means to you, without getting on a microphone. Two or three sentences is all it takes. I will record you and add your words to each other into your first dance. It’s very sweet and special.
  5. Share something chocolate, just for the two of you. (other than the cake)
  6. Do something spontaneous – follow your heart.
  7. Take a walk by the light of the moon – Many wedding facilities have beautiful gardens and manicured lawns. A romantic stroll could be just the moment you need.
  8. Confess your love to everyone in the room.
  9. Have your MC tell a story – When your love story is written and shared with guests, it reminds them why we are here. It gives you a moment to sit and listen, embrace and enjoy. It’s personal. It’s entertaining and romantic. By the way, every couple has a story, waiting to be told.  This is my specialty.
  10. Swap love notes. A message from the heart.
  11. Laugh together.
  12. Donnie Sings To His Bride Rachel

    Donnie Sings To His Bride Rachel

  13. Share a love token – A love token could include a song written by the groom for his bride, or a hand embroidered handkerchief for the groom. Whatever your special craft, whether it be painting, crocheting, wood carving, or any number of other ideas, just remember, the idea behind the gift is to give something of yourself, created with loving thoughts to the one you love.
  14. Whisper “I Love You Because_____.”
  15. Request a slow song and dance, not because you have too. Because you want too.
  16. Do something unexpected.  Surprises are awesome! Share your ideas with your Disc Jockey. I can help make the moment better by setting up the scene, adding music or even distracting guests while you prepare. We have pulled off many wonderful surprises. It is always special and fun.
  17. Hold hands…
  18. Share a piece of cake – no, really. On my wedding day, so many people wanted to talk to my wife and I. We shared a piece when we cut the cake. Other than that, we didn’t get to eat cake until our 1 year anniversary when we took the top layer out of the freezer.
  19. Give her/him a simple red rose.
  20. Whisper a personal secret. Something know body in the world knows, but the two of you.
  21. Write a Poem and share it only with him/her. Better yet, read it aloud so every knows how deeply you are in love.
  22. Stop, take a deep breath, look into each others eyes and most of all: enjoy this moment.

Print this out and leave it for your fiance to find. That way they can plan ahead and help make your wedding day one of the most wonderful days in your new life together.  To the gentlemen, I have more ideas to surprise your bride.  I can keep a secret.  Call me…  😉

Jim Aldridge
Romantic Entertainment llc

Photo by Guardrail Photography. Ryan, thanks for your awesome inspiration!

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