Planning an outdoor wedding – don’t forget Mother Nature

Imagine the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony. Beautiful flowers in full bloom, birds singing, big puffy white clouds on a deep blue sky. Everything is picture perfect. Mother Nature will be there too and she may have other plans. There are 3 basic approaches to planning for bad weather at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

1. The “wing and a prayer” approach.ceremonyseating
“We are all praying for perfect weather.”

2. The “weather denial” approach.
“oh, it won’t rain on my wedding day”.

3. The positive, proactive approach.
“I have a plan B and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Planning for success is obviously your best choice. Here are some options to help get you started:

Discuss weather with your venue. If you are getting married at a reception site, they have had to deal with weather before. Do they have a plan in place? What had to be sacrificed to make their plan B work?

If your ceremony is not at the same venue as your reception (like a local park), would the reception venue allow you to arrive early and have the ceremony in the reception hall? Maybe they have a grand foyer or a library room with a fireplace. You could even have the ceremony in the same room as your reception. Though these may not be perfect, they do serve as solutions.

The important thing is a solid course of action. Don’t let a little rain dampen your day. Be prepared to make the “plan b” decision and enjoy your wedding experience.

Jim Aldridge
Owner/Director of Entertainment

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