Hot Wedding Trends – What is Gobo Lighting?

Hot Wedding Trends  –  What is Gobo Lighting?

A gobo or gobos are a piece of flat steel or glass, which when placed in a lighting fixture projects the image that is on the gobo. The image can be a solid color, pattern, shape, design or even your monogram or name.

The word gobo is an acronym for the phrase “Goes Before Optics.” There are specific lighting instruments that can accept gobos. The most common is an ellipsoidal, which are lighting instruments that allow you to focus the light and gobo by moving the lens back and forth in the lens tube. Focus ensures that your monogram will be crisp and sharp.

monogram sample
A low quality fixture usually won’t be as bright and therefor, the fixture will need to be closer to the projection surface to be effective. This would also cause the image to be reduced in size. Professional grade fixtures are highly recommended for the best results. At Romantic Entertainment, we use the same high quality fixtures you would find in large theaters and venues.

Learn more about how monogram projection and gobo lighting can enhance your event.

Jim Aldridge
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