Do You Wanna Dance? – A Great Wedding Experience.

You can imagine that after performing more than 300 weddings, Jim has a few stories to share…

Jim: “I once had the opportunity to do a wedding at a private home in Kennebunkport, Maine. The house was huge and we were outside in the yard. The place was absolutely gorgeous and decorated for royalty. When the dance portion came around, the father of the bride asked me if I would play some special music and he gave me the CDs. He explained that he was a record promoter and this was to be the next huge dance craze. It was being released in about three weeks. I threw in the disc. His daughters taught the rest of the guests and me how to do the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” from Rednex. The party really got rolling. The cops showed up at about 11:30 p.m. and the guest of honor actually convinced them to stay and hang out with us for a while. They did and the party kept going till 1 a.m.! I just kept going. I wasn’t going to stop until the bride said so!”

Jim Aldridge
Owner/Director of Entertainment
Unique, Personalized Weddings Since 1992
Serving Connecticut and Western Mass.

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