Why Is Backup DJ Equipment Important To You?

A bride recently told me that a wedding DJ was going to charge her extra to have backup equipment on site. Asking you to pay extra for backup equipment is like asking you to pay extra for a spare tire for your new car. The use of backup equipment is an industry standard and should make you cringe if not followed. Why is this important and what does backup equipment mean to you?

Picture your wedding day. Everything is going great. All of your family and friends are on the dance floor having a great time and all of a sudden…POP! Dead silence.

DJ Solution 1: “I am sorry my amplifier blew at your wedding. I can’t play any more tonight. I will give you half price off your next event.”

DJ Solution 2: “I am sorry. We blew an amplifier. I am going to run out to the truck and get another one. We will be back up and dancing in about 15 minutes.”

Purple MixerA blown amplifier is an extreme situation. Even so, which solution would you rather hear? The reality is that Solution 1 still happens today when your DJ is not prepared. You need to know your DJ is ready for anything that may happen. Make sure they have a plan in place. Anything less is absolutely unacceptable and your wedding day is too important to risk it.

There are simple backups and more costly ones. Seventy percent of the DJ industry is now on computer. What happens if the computer should crash? A second computer or hard drive is a great solution, but costly. At the very least, your DJ should have a CD Deck and some backup CDs. If he has the top 200 most requested songs and a copy of your first dance and intro music ready to go, you are covered. If the computer did go down, CDs can be played while the situation is fixed. The important thing is, there is a plan and it can be executed smoothly. You may never know there was a problem.

Other backups can include extra speakers, batteries for microphones, cables & cords, and an extra tuxedo shirt. How about a backup garter in case you forget yours? Would you like white, blue or black? It’s all about making the perfect day for you and a plan to carry that out successfully, no mater what comes up. Backups are not optional. It’s called “customer service” and you should not be expected to pay more for it. If a DJ doesn’t have a backup plan, maybe he shouldn’t be your DJ.

Jim Aldridge
Owner/Director of Entertainment

Footnote: To my fellow DJs: If this article offends you, put a backup plan in place, at no extra charge. Take some pride in yourself and the service you offer and then you can write an article like this one.

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