Understanding Disc Jockey Pricing

What would you be willing to pay to ensure your guests have an amazing time at your wedding? In the service world, the more expensive services quite commonly are the ones who provide the best overall value. In any industry, success is guaranteed when you hire a true professional.

Your wedding reception should be a wonderfully planned experience, not something ordered off a menu board. Taking the time to understand your vision of your celebration early in the process, allows us to personalize a package to fit your needs. At Romantic Entertainment llc, we only take on custom crafted wedding projects. This means you have options.

So How Much does it cost? The short answer is “depends”. Pricing starts around $1700 with most popular wedding scenarios coming in around $2100. It’s all based on your vision, options you need and what you desire.

You may obtain a free quote by sitting down and discussing your event with Jim. Call 860.966.5620 for an appointment. This is fun! You will gain an exciting new view of your wedding entertainment. There is no pressure, you will have time to decide after we meet.

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The Best Wedding Reception…Ever! “A must read for planning your wedding!”

“If a Unique, Special and FUN wedding is important to you, wouldn’t paying more for a full time DJ and entertainer who specializes in weddings, provide you with a better overall value?” – Peter Merry; Author: The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

TheKnot.com says: “meeting face to face with multiple DJs is the best way to figure out which one is the best fit”.

When we meet, we’ll explore possibilities, learn more about your vision and find out if you and I will work well together. Theknot.com also says you should get these questions answered. To save you time, I thought I’d answer those here.

Hope this is helpful!

-DJ Jim

1. How would you describe your style?

Every situation is different. My comfort zone would best be described as Fun, Energetic, Engaging, but never annoying. My goal is to make sure every single guest feels like I am there just for them.

My time on the microphone may be brief and to the point, but should make a connection. I love to watch peoples body language and be aware of the vibe in the room. Are they having fun? If not… what needs to be adjusted to get there?

During your reception, I’m also watching for the ideal moment to play that perfect song or say that one thing that will elevate that moment for you. I want you and your guests to feel like you are in my care. I want you to have an amazing fun time!


2. Can we come take a quick peek at a wedding you’re working?

Unfortunately no. I do have recordings of actual wedding moments so you can hear my style and energy on mic. You can also hear sample music mixes as well.

Most couples that hire us mutually agree it’s not appropriate for prospective clients to show up during their wedding. Remember the Wedding Crashers movie? It’s really poor wedding etiquette for vendors to invite people you don’t know to witness your private special moments or invite you into theirs. I’m sure you will agree.

Listen to DJ Jim Perform

3. Do you know our reception space and its acoustic, power and amplification requirements?

There are thousands of places to have your wedding. If we haven’t been to your venue before, we will do a site visit at no extra charge. Another cool option would be to have our final meeting at your venue so we are in the space for planning. We do our homework and bring the gear that is appropriate for the space.

4. Can you play the songs that are important to us, such as a traditional music or a favorite pop hit?

Absolutely. You can create a list of “must play”songs that you just can’t live without. We will also talk about religious, cultural or ethnic traditional music, how much you want to include and what time it would be appropriate to play them. Anything goes with music selection.

5. Are there different options as far as how many DJs we can hire?

When you hire Romantic Entertainment llc, Jim Aldridge will be your DJ. If it makes sense logistically, Jim may bring extra help. For instance, Uplighting and Photobooth are handled by staff leaving Jim free to attend to event flow, music and your guests. In some special circumstances, there may be a need for a second DJ. If that is the case, one will be provided at no extra charge. You will always know in advance what our staff needs will be.


Daniel having a blast at his wedding!

6. Would we need to rent any equipment (extra speakers or a stage)?

This question refers to YOU going out and renting audio or video equipment through a third party vendor. The answer is no. We have access to an unlimited array of gear and would never think of asking you to worry about those things. We can quote, plan, setup and take care of all of your audio, video and lighting needs. Be aware that tent weddings or private homes may require generators or additional electrical power distribution at your expense. This is in the category of electrical power, not AV gear. A site visit and consultations are available. We’re here to help.

7. Do you plan to use lighting or any other special effects?

That’s up to you. We have a some basic dance floor lighting that can be set up for your wedding at no extra charge. We can use them or not. We also have advanced lighting options if you want to go bigger. We will talk about your needs and wants so you can decide easily. Any lighting or effects we use would be scaled to the size of the venue and compliant with local regulations.

Want More Lighting Options?


“Love & Lights” Monogram Lighting

8. Who will do the setup?

We always set up and test our own equipment. For DJ systems, we usually need an hour (to be safe). Any extra time to setup lighting and other features are planned on a per case basis, but most of the time we need less than 2 hours. In any case, we always call the venue and coordinate arrival/setup time in advance.

9. How do you ensure a comfortable sound level for all the guests?

This is a good one. We set and test the room in advance. Speakers are mounted higher to get them above ear level. This reduces volume complaints and audio fatigue. Setting this way, we can actually cover the room better while reducing discomfort for your older guests. We walk the room and monitor volume at various times. Still too loud? Too quiet? You are in control of volume. Just let us know, and we’ll be glad to adjust as needed.

10. What do you typically wear?

Most of the time, black tux with a straight tie. We can also wear a black dress shirt, black vest and a tie (no jacket). Having a beach or tent wedding? We have been asked to wear suits and go a little less formal on occasion. We’re flexible.

11. How many hours are included in the package?

Most weddings venues offer 5 hour events. Though we base our standard on this, there are no minimum requirements. Everything we do can be personalized to fit your needs. Because of our ability to premix sets, we never need a break. That doesn’t mean we won’t stop to have dinner. The only time the music stops is during the toasts.

Tip from The Knot: Be sure to offer food to your DJ—you don’t want their energy to flag before the last dance! 🙂


12. How do you handle song requests?

We love requests. There are 2 types of requests; advanced requests (songs that you want to hear) and live requests (songs you and your guests request at the event). Our full music library is online. You can populate lists to let me know what you want and don’t want to hear. We will talk about these songs. What would be great dance music and what should be used for cocktails or dinner? It’s a collaboration. Your music tastes are important to the overall mix.

13. Can you act as the master of ceremonies?

Yes! A true “Master of Ceremonies” will manage the event flow, communicating with your venue captain and catering director to make sure everything is timed perfectly. He will let your photographer know what is next so they can capture your wedding moments. The MC will also handle announcements, making sure your guests are where they need to be, feel included and aware of what we need them to do. Most of all, a true Master of Ceremonies will take the pressure off of you so you can just have FUN at your wedding. I would be pumped to be your MC and DJ too!


14. How many weddings do you typically do in a year?

I personally perform 30 to 40 weddings per year. I’ve been a mobile DJ for over 20 years. When I’m not doing weddings, I work on several teams supporting medium to large format conferences, seminars and meetings. This all started with an 8 year career in broadcast radio (yes, I was “on the air”).

I perform at weddings because I love to help awesome couples celebrate in a unique, special and fun way. I am most at home on stage, in front of an audience or supporting someone else who is.

15. Do you have another wedding gig before or after ours?

Nope! You have my entire focus on your wedding day. I may have a wedding the day before or one the day after, but I’ve found that trying to cram two weddings into one day leaves one or both performances short. Plus, there is very little time for unexpected challenges. In my opinion, you deserve better than that.

16. What’s your sick-day policy?

I’ve got to be in pretty rough shape to miss an event (it’s never happened). However, there is always a plan. I network with other area DJs and we are all “on call” for each other. I have jumped in several times to cover family emergencies for other DJs and they are here for us as well. I would only send a replacement who has the skills to execute your plan and with the same quality you’ve come to expect.


17. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. All of our events are insured. Proof of insurance is available on request. Some venues require a copy and in rare cases ask to be added in a rider to the policy. There is a $50 fee for the rider that should be covered by the venue most of the time.

18. What’s your backup plan if there’s an equipment malfunction?

Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy. Most music is played digitally these days, by laptop or professional DJ device. We always run 2 devices so switching is seamless if there is a problem. There are at least 2 wireless mics with extra batteries charged up. If something major goes wrong, we do have a second system and can be back up and running in minutes. I can share success stories. Bottom line; we’ve created a plan to complete your day come hell or high water.

19. What’s your cancellation policy?

We require a contract and deposit at the time of booking to lock in your date. If you cancel prior to 60 days before the wedding, you will receive a full refund. Closer than 60 days, the deposit is non-refundable. This is to cover the cost of time and expenses incurred in the planning/preparation process, equipment reserved and any work already completed.

Interesting fact:  Your DJ will spend about 30 hours preparing for your 5 to 6 hour wedding.

20. How do you motivate a shy crowd to dance?

I motivate them early and often. I believe that great dance floors start with cocktails. No, not drinking (lol), with the first song we play at the beginning of your cocktail hour. Think about it; if cocktail music is boring and dinner music is bland, how are we supposed to get them up and dancing? Creating an atmosphere for fun and weaving fun moments in throughout the day makes for great dance floors. I have a bunch of secrets for getting a dance floor started quickly. We’ll talk about that in the planning phase.  It all starts with the right atmosphere.

WAIT! There is one BIG question TheKnot.com Didn’t Ask…

21. Do you have a Peace of Mind Guarantee?

YES! We offer a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. We guarantee that you and your guests will have a great time. We guarantee that we will carry out your instructions flawlessly. That means that if for any reason there is an issue with our services, we will guarantee a refund based on the concern up to the full amount if there is an issue with our services.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Anything I missed? Let’s meet! I’m easy to reach. Call 860.966.5620 and ask for Jim.

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