3 Reasons Why Romantic Entertainment llc is Different

Trying to hire a disc jockey for your wedding could be one of your biggest challenges. There are many choices. Here are 3 things that you will find, put us above the pack.

1. Comprehensive Personalization – Your wedding day should reflect your style, taste and personality. This goes way beyond the music. Personalization is what makes your wedding unique and fun. Your opinions and desires are at the center. What did you love that you’ve seen done at other weddings? What did you hate? What is your biggest fear about your entertainment or the event as a whole? We need to recognize what you don’t like and focus on the positive to personalize your day and celebrate your relationship. After all, it’s your day.

2. Creative Involvement – Did you know that a wedding could be fun, interactive and entertaining without the chicken dance? You will be able to tap into our experiences at more than 300 wedding performances. We’re not afraid to shake things up and do things outside the “standard procedure.” When your guests are wondering what you will do next, they stay engaged and have more fun. We’ll help you through the creative process and share ideas to help create your wedding memories in a way that is as unique as your relationship.

3. Attention To Detail – You’ll have access to an extensive planning process, with pre-event questionnaires and on-site checklists to make sure every detail is taken care of. On your day, you won’t need to think about anything except having fun, because we will have already discussed your needs and wishes and make sure they are carried out. Everything is optional, and that means flexibility for you. The key to a unique performance week after week is preparation. The process is actually fun. We will discuss every aspect of your event. Things will come up you were not aware of and we all know the smallest things often make the biggest difference.

Comprehensive Personalization, Creative Involvement and Attention To Detail are the 3 things you can absolutely count on from us. A successful wedding is my goal and wish for you. Congratulations on your engagement and best of luck.

Jim Aldridge
Owner/Director of Entertainment

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