Why Is Backup DJ Equipment Important To You?

A bride recently told me that a wedding DJ was going to charge her extra to have backup equipment on site. Asking you to pay extra for backup equipment is like asking you to pay extra for a spare tire for your new car. The use of backup equipment is an industry standard and should make you cringe if not followed. Why is this important and what does backup equipment mean to you?

Picture your wedding day. Everything is going great. ...

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How to Plan A Wedding Around Football

It’s football season! I love my Patriots. In the off season, my Sundays are filled with amazing weddings or meeting with great couples to prepare. Luckily, football and fall wedding season only have a slight overlap. This means that on Sunday, you will find me on the couch, remote in hand and ready for action.

If your not into football, here are 10 things you can do to plan a wedding while your fiancé is lost in the ...

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Planning an outdoor wedding – don’t forget Mother Nature

Imagine the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony. Beautiful flowers in full bloom, birds singing, big puffy white clouds on a deep blue sky. Everything is picture perfect. Mother Nature will be there too and she may have other plans. There are 3 basic approaches to planning for bad weather at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

1. The “wing and a prayer” approach.ceremonyseating
“We are all praying for perfect weather.”

2. The “weather denial” approach.
“oh, it ...

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3 Reasons Why Romantic Entertainment llc is Different

Trying to hire a disc jockey for your wedding could be one of your biggest challenges. There are many choices. Here are 3 things that you will find, put us above the pack.

1. Comprehensive Personalization – Your wedding day should reflect your style, taste and personality. This goes way beyond the music. Personalization is what makes your wedding unique and fun. Your opinions and desires are at the center. What did you love that you’ve seen done at other weddings? ...

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People Will Talk – 21 Stolen Romantic Wedding Moments

When you take the time for Romance at your wedding, people will talk. What they will say is: “They look so much in love.”  Don’t forget to slow down, be in the moment and enjoy your wedding day experience.

On your wedding day, your guests will all want to congratulate you, wish you well and share in your joy. The day will go by very fast because so much is going on, and you have so many people to talk ...

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Amazing ideas – The Top 5 Most Inspirational Wedding Blogs

These days, it seems everyone has a blog. Sometimes blogs are like a journal. Short stories of what the writer is thinking. Sometimes blogs are written to inform and share knowledge. Not all blogs are created equal. Reader beware.

Ideally, a great blog will give credible information and offer some opinion too. Sometimes blogs convey information that is bias or incorrect. If your impression is, “it’s on the web, it must be true”, you ...

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Hot Wedding Trends – What is Gobo Lighting?

A gobo or gobos are a piece of flat steel or glass, which when placed in a lighting fixture projects the image that is on the gobo. The image can be a solid color, pattern, shape, design or even your monogram or name.

The word gobo is an acronym for the phrase “Goes Before Optics.” There are specific lighting instruments that can accept gobos. The most common is an ellipsoidal, which are lighting instruments that allow you to focus ...

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The secret to great wedding entertainment is…

Weddings are a grand event and hopefully one of the highlights of your life. The secret to great wedding entertainment is to hire a wedding specialist. In any industry, there is a career cycle. You start off a beginner in your field and as your skill level advances, your ability to accomplish tasks in a smooth professional way become second nature. Your opportunities for advancement increase and your salary increases as a result. The DJ industry is no different.

Weddings are ...

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Top 10 Tips For Success at A Bridal Show

Bridal Shows are one of the best ways to find everything you need for your wedding. You can find your hall, photographer, DJ and everything else from the vows to great honeymoon deals. In your fast paced world, attending a bridal show really is a great way to get a lot done in a short amount of time. The challenge is to get the most from a day at the bridal show.

Bridal shows are made up of wedding professionals who ...

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